Value Your Customer's Time

It’s hard to maintain the attention of busy people. At the IAFC, we are asking the current and future leaders of fire and emergency services to take time out of their busy, hectic and often traumatic days to engage in order to make their jobs easier. It sounds as hard as it seems.

We can’t expect for each one to drop everything on their plate and take advantage of the resources we offer (webinars, white papers, SOPs, SOGs, best practices and thought leadership articles, to name a few). There are other ways to go about it.

The Daily Egg put together a resource we all can use to help with our busy audiences.

Automated emails work best for staff hour efficiency, but more importantly, for getting through to our audience, writing helpful, no fluff emails, texts and the like go a long way. Offer the things they can use immediately to improve their job. Forget the exclamation point laden emails(!!!) that are oh-so-familiar to every inbox. Treat every customer you encounter as if you’re speaking with a friend you want to help, but know their day as if they’re as hectic as a Nikki Minaj concert-goer on the front row.

Overall, treating people like you’d want to be treated is how best to handle any scenario, but especially yo this fighting every day to make the world a better place. We do it – and continue to improve daily – and you should too.