Generally Speaking

On any given day I can be found reading about sports, web design, finance, digital content strategy, politics, music, writing, relationships and all sorts of miscellaneously categorized stories. I find people, interactions, and life in general so incredibly interesting and fun that I can’t get enough of learning as much as possible about it all. But in the last year I’ve come to the realization that having wide-ranging interests has kept me from writing, and sharing, about any one of those particular interests.

That is unacceptable to me.

I want to change that, because I love writing. My love of writing is the reason I cofounded an event for other fans of the written word to share their work; it’s the reason I used to write corny super spy stories (the bubble gum gun was a favorite weapon of mine back then) back in elementary school; it’s the reason I wrote comedy sketches for live shows back in college; and it’s the reason that even though my degree indicated I’d be surrounded by computer hardware and software forever, I found my way back to writing and sharing stories on the web as a full-time gig.

I’ve taken to the 140-character crutch instead of spending a few extra minutes to fully articulate my ideas. I need to do better than that, so I’ll work on it.

Here I am, now, writing and pressing “Publish”. The first of many baby steps forward.

*high-fives self*