What Motivates Us

Interesting take from Work Awesome regarding a study that looked into what employees rank as things that motivate them at work:

When the workers said they were having their very best days, these were the 5 factors that influenced their level of motivation the most.

  1. Making progress = 76%
  2. Collaboration = 53%
  3. Organizational Support = 43%
  4. Interpersonal support = 25%
  5. Doing important work = 19%

The last study I read (when I hunt it down, I’ll update) regarding people of my generation – 20s-early 30s – noted that we choose jobs based on where we will have the most impact in the workplace. It’s intriguing that, once in that particular workplace, the top motivator is just getting things done. That makes being up-to-date on the GTD movement even more vital. Your sanity is at stake.