Make Smart Choices

Guinness wins the award for best commercial in 2013. It’s heartfelt and uplifting. We need more like it.

“The choices we make reveal our true character.”

It’s true. Looking toward the new year, let’s all make smarter choices. And perhaps buy a few extra pours of these tasty dark brews to reward Guinness for making something special.

Smart choices to make in 2014:

  • Surround yourself with people who lift you up. Allow them to challenge you to be a better person. Do the same for them.
  • Be nice to strangers. And when time allows it, listen to their stories.
  • Read books that will make you better at your job. And if you’re already doing that, read more books to take your mind away from your job. Both work together quite well.
  • Back up all of your digital files. Put them in the cloud or Mars or an external drive or handwrite copies on recycled 2013 calendars. Whatever, just do it.
  • Take one of the great ideas you have stored away in that huge brain of yours. Write down the steps it’ll take to make it happen. Cut off Netflix/Bravo/ESPN/Facebook/Twitter. Make the idea become a reality.
  • Write more.
  • Smile approximately two times as much as you did last year.
  • Don’t give people sh*t for making resolutions. Even the ones who’ll crowd the gym in January. Applaud, encourage the effort to improve.
  • Make this year better than all the rest. You deserve it.