Contributing Because I Must

Credit the friendliness of the wonderful people I’ve grown to know in both the association and web nerdery worlds, I’ve applied to contribute as an active volunteer for ASAE. Though it’s my second try, I continue to feel compelled to contribute to a group where I’ve long since wished could be influenced more heavily by my other world.

Here’s my entry:

Working in the association world for ten years I’ve grown from a pup at the front desk to director of technology and I’ve learned several valuable lessons I see as my duty to share with others who find themselves in any of the positions I’ve held, and beyond.

What I’ve learned:

  • Taking on scary tasks isn’t mandatory but it is necessary in expanding your viewpoint beyond your role and focus on that of your association’s in the world.
  • Thinking about current issues is necessary to address current issues your customers face. Spending time to learn new skills, technologies and approaches gives your customers knowledge they’ll be thankful for even more.
  • Working for associations provides a feeling that cannot be completely duplicated in the typical for-profit world. Taking your knowledge from the for-profit world and applying a touch of empathy and foresight increases your impact exponentially.

I’d be honored to contribute to an association that takes the time to place an emphasis on collaboration, foresight, empathy and providing answers to questions most of us haven’t even realized we should be searching for yet.

I’ve reached a point in my professional life not of contentment, but more of resolution to contribute more actively. Recently, I took on a leadership role at IAFC, pushing the impact the association has, using technology as one tool toward increasing collaboration, knowledge, access and results our customers are after. I enjoy what I do, and those I do it with. When you’re in that position, it does the world much good if you take the time to contribute what you know with those who could use that knowledge to positively impact others.

Even if I don’t land this volunteer position, I’ll continue to contribute, as I must. Because it’s what feels right.