A New Sweater Vest For Tim Did It

One of the best pieces of advice I brought back from Brooklyn Beta last October was that, in order to “Make something you love,” sometimes you have to get out of your own way. Luke Wroblewski placed special emphasis on the fact that once an idea escapes our own head (where progress is generally stalled), it’s fairly easy to make iterative changes from there. The important part is just getting the ball rolling.

Quick statement of the obvious that may not be necessary but I’ll write it anyway: A personal website design isn’t anywhere near as important as creating the next, say, AirBnb or Kiva. By all means, if you’ve got those idea, go great those. Now. Don’t worry about your personal site, it’ll be there after you’ve changed the world and/or your bank account for the better. But our sites are where we share a part of ourselves with the rest of the world – be it for business or entertainment purposes (or both). And, as it goes, we are our most difficult clients sometimes. This is why, with that in mind, I decided to just hop right in.

I took a similar approach to the redesign as Elliot Jay Stocks. That is, scrap the old site, start from anew and design within the browser. So, last night, I whipped open my battered ol’ HP Pavilion, fired up Notepad++ (Yuck face all you want, Mac heads!) and got to fiddling with code and responsive design. The result is what you see here.

Another statement of the obvious: this thing still needs work. In fact, it will continue to undergo iterative changes. But the important part is that I have a workable starting point.

I’ll use this site to share projects, As Was Written updates, random musings about anything from design to comedy (or both), short stories I’ve read at recent shows and, of course, Twitter soundbites.

I am very much open to site feedback so feel free to either leave a comment below, or send me an email at hi@timdidit.com.